Hereby Art Blue claims the color UNIVERSAL ART BLUE.

UABLUE is common known as ‘Ua Blue’ a shade of Blue that is 100% saturated and 67% bright. For reference purposes, Ua Blue has the hex value #0033AA.

But of course the use of the color Hex #0033AA stays free for everyone. The concept of UABLUE is Universal Blue. So all SHADES of BLUE are claimed to be applied in random order around the oscilator UABLUE.

In 1978 Art Blue aka Reiner Schneeberger set up and published a universal random generator, one with sequence repetition and one without. His generator, named SNERND, was used for plotter drawings on paper. Some of these old works are now in museums [MoMa, Whitney Gallery, Smithsonian, Kunsthalle Bremen].

The Immersiva Foundation – Stiftung Kunstinformatik – supports the field of Digital Art in virtual immersive realms by supporting artist to contribute to the Santorini Bieniale.

In 2015 Art Blue finished the conservation of the first 3D prim and sculpt art period by selecting 64 artists. Everything is published in articles, books. Since January 2014 Art Blue writes monthly in where you get a fine follow up in Digital Art by looking back.

Maybe you start with LPM 2015 in Rome and then you Google backward in time?

Saying this UABLUE will bring “color” to a new range of recognition. The very first experiments will begin soon in virtual realms.

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